thank youz • thank you howie for managing the build on my machine (the happybox) and for your constant attention to her needs • thank you rohit for your never ending inspirational ideas and reminders that flashers are not crazy, just different •
thank you kitina for your kind words and your kind heart (and tasty waves dude) • thank you and it's members for patience and understanding and for really helping get the jobs done • thank you mom dad and jason for acting like what i do makes scents. you have all done a great job • thank you liz for cheering me up constantly with stories of paper grading • thank you howie again for living closer to liz and grading papers with her instead of me • thank you jeremy for never having been here • thank you steve-o for always reminding me that this is purely time between snows and that you really can get it cheaper on e-bay • thank you c.j. for visiting every link on this site • thank you sheller for crushing yourself, yet attempting the shell-o-copter for our enjoyment • thank you phish for making countless nights in front of the computer almost bearable • thank you alonis morisset for ruining all future thank you references • thank you ms. hunt for not killing me • thank you ms. pac-man for fantastic hand/eye coordination • thank you ms. jackson for fine tuning my hand/eye coordination • thank you godzilla • thank you barry and liz for believing in me and giving me something to do • thank you ipowerweb for great bang for the buck hosting • thank you cnn for keeping me fearful, paranoid and ignorant, yet strangely dependant • thank you god, for not revealing yourself yet. now we know who all the suckers are • thank you dave, in advance, for saving my life • thank you goodman for unequalled comedic genius and for being a living example of how to fall • thank you phil for forcing open my eyes • thank you alison for keeping me on my toes on the mt and for always laughing at my stupid jokes • thank you pema for being a much bigger punk than i could ever be • finally, thank you to both numbers 23 and 32 and my good luck jennie pennie.
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